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WallTrailer is incomparable car trailer saving a lot of space in your garrage by collapsing it to 38 cm. Wide range of accessories makes it very variable and offers plenty possibilities for usage. Unique mechanism allows quick and easy trailer collapsing. Collapsibility does not decrease its quality, durability and resistance. It was tested in very well known European testing complex in Tatra Koprivnice. Tests were provided during high speed driving with overloaded car trailer on different test tracks.

Technical parameters

One axle car trailer without brake – up to 750 kg.

Trailer construction is made out of high strenght welded steel construction with closed profiles that ensures a long service life. All steel parts are hot dip galvanized. Side panels are produced of galvanized steel. Front and rear panels can be folded and withdrawn. Side panels can be folded down.

Parts of standard equipment are: mechanism for trailer folding, collapsible panels, 4 x floor fixture, 8 x goods fixture welded to frame, anti-slip waterproof plywood, front adjustable wheel. Design speed is 110 km.

Trailer weight:750 kg
Pay load:570 kg
Trailer weight: 180 kg
Total dimensions:309 x 160 cm
Total depth of collapsed trailer:38 cm
Loading area: 185 x 118 cm
Plate thickness:1,5 mm!
Tyres: 4,5 x 10"
Brakes: no
Axle: Knott