Company profile

For over 20 years we have been coming up with innovative and creative solutions for enviroment which we live in. By using the latest technologies and our previous experience we work on new products development which facilitate companies or private people their functioning.

Are you searching for unique solution of your demands? Our experienced and skilled team is prepared to propose suitable suggestion and turn it into real product.

We have transformed our latest ideas and customer´s opinions into reality and produced multifunctional collapsible car trailer. We do not have to search for storing space any more. We do not have to worry about transportation of any load. We know we can fully rely on WallTrailer.

We also develop and produce beverage systems for cooling devices. They make our lives more simple at work, in business networks, at gas stations. They work instead of us and without effort.

Because we think of green planet we apply our thoughts into production of pressing machines and other enviro products. Thanks to them we are able to recycle more effectively and so eliminate negative impact to environment caused by produced waste.

In our company we handle with ideas that help us to create healthier and more spacious world around us.