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When cooperation brings pleasure

The term cooperation can be defined in different ways and it can be allocated to several definitions. One of such definitions is: Cooperation means the systematic integration of efforts of individuals to achieve common goals. If there is cooperation between the two companies that have never cooperated before the beginnings are often uncertain and depends mainly on the willingness and interest of individuals from both camps, the extent to which cooperation will develop. If cooperation means new construction development which should reach the largest possible range of customers and become the market leader its success largely depends on the size of investment that both parties intend to make. One of these collaborations was between EBECO and Knott company related to the development of special folding trailer O1 category.

Special folding trailer O1

On the EBECO side it was an idea that grew into patented solution of trailer folding which significantly saves space because the trailer can be folded into minimum dimensions. On the Knott side it was challenge to develop chassis components for such a trailer which would be as close to the requirements of the patented folding trailer kinematics. As it was a trailer of O1 category (not breaded trailer with load capacity 750 kg in total) the development goals were set in way that do not break the legislation. For chassis parts that are not liable to legislation yet (semi-axles), the construction was developed in the way of production cost reducing – to use as much as possible standard components. Because the semi-axle construction had to be significantly adapted to kinematics folding trailer it was not possible to use standard certified construction solution. Therefore there was a need to provide test of complete trailer on the testing polygon. In cooperation with Technical University (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) in Bratislava and with Institute of Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics with which has Knott company long term cooperation, the critical main points of construction were covered with tenzometers. Semi-axles spring and road power transfer from the road toward the trailer was monitored by acceleration sensors. All bolt connections of trailer were tightened to the prescribed torque and using internal methodologies of Knott has been studied for their eventual loosing. Thus prepared trailer was tested on the polygon of Tatra Koprivnice company. The nature and severity of road testing ensures extreme operating conditions.

Extreme loading

Extreme trailer loading as well as additional short-term 20% overloading corresponds to access a large number of end users who often try to load the trailer as much as possible disregarding the maximum permissible load. After driving test and evaluation of measured results the trailer construction has undergone a thorough analysis. of measurement results. Other nodal points of trailer construction were identified and additionally optimized and consequently verified experimentally under laboratory conditions. The chosen approach for developing new collapsing trailer ensures its reliability when used in traffic and also in the field enabling the producer to provide the customer with 5 years warranty and it ranks this trailer among the elite in O1 trailer category.

Trailer collapsing – how it works

By simple turning the winch crank the trailer drawbar swivels toward the floor of the trailer and thre trailer rises to a horizontal position at the same time. Semi-axles are automatically folded by drawbar tilting. Thus folded trailer can be easily moved to desired place. It saves the space with its dimensions in folded position (the maximum width in the folded position is 38 cm). The pop-up system can also be used for other activities e. g. for garden tractors, motorcycles, ... loading where there is no need to use ramps. Also for unloading of bulk material when the collapsing system acts as a tiping dumper.
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Written by: Steinhübl Jozef
Date: 21. July 2011