EBECO is currently becoming a leader in car trailer production on Slovak market. Based on growing interest of customers we are still expanding the range and developing new types of trailers . We have enlarged the loading area of best selling trailer Nor-Trailer from from 1,22 x 2 to 1,22 x 2,47 m. We have also started with production of semi- and double-axle 02 category trailers with weight capacity over 750 kg and trailers to transport ships, boats and watercrafts. In this year we also plan to come up with different types of box trailers on market.


As the only company we have transformed the idea of collapsible trailer into the real product and brought it to market. The production of our collapsible trailer WallTrailer has started in 2010 and from that time it became popular product mainly in Norway. Self-supporting welded construction together with high quality hot galvanized surface ensures long life of WallTrailer.

WallTrailer introduction

Let us introduce you collapsible trailer WallTrailer which will safe your space. You can store it in your garage together with your car and still have high quality trailer with parameters as standard types. WallTrailer is multifunctional with various possibilities of use.

We think of space

Take a look how fast and easy is the collapsing of our WallTrailer. Everybody can do in few minutes thanks to the unique mechanism.

How we have tested trailer

The possibility to collaps WallTrailer has no impact on it´s quality, long life and resistance. It has been tested in Tatra Kopřivnice which is the largest testing area in Central Europe. Testing has been proceeded on various special circuits and carriageways with overloaded trailer in high speed.